Artisan Sausages Served with Authentic Traditional Toppings!

Find us at festivals & markets in New Orleans and the Louisiana Gulf Coast region!


Sven Vorkauf: (504) 577-0600 in New Orleans

Mark St. James: (985) 966-6940 on the North Shore

“Bratz y’all” is a festival food booth service started in New Orleans by King Event head chef and manager, Sven Vorkauf in early 2012. When King Event was first accepted into the popular Freret Street Market, Sven decided to try a menu of the delicious sausage sandwiches he had loved back home in Berlin, Germany.

After a few festivals, markets & parties, it quickly became clear that “Bratz y’all” was a hit - with repeat clients and a rapidly growing following in New Orleans.

The “Bratz y’all” menu consists of a variety of fine, artisan bratwursts served with authentic, homemade toppings, always served in the best, locally baked bread.

We are very proud of “Bratz y’all and stand behind our product 100% -

Try it, you will see! - this is the real thing!

Here we are, set up at our very first New Orleans market, Freret Street Market, February 2012!

We use only the best, fresh ingredients! After months of research and hundreds of taste tests, we found a product that is made in the same style as the best bratwursts of Europe. Our butcher, Fred Usinger of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, knows the old world tradition and makes sausages according to our specifications.

Our menu features many types of savory, delicious sausages served with

toppings based on authentic German recipes - and always homemade!

Find us every month at the Freret Market and the New Orleans Arts Market at Palmer Park, as well as many other great New Orleans festivals year round!

Our classic Bavarian bratwurst (pork & veal, seasoned with marjoram and thyme), grilled to perfection and ready to serve!


Our standards are equally high when it comes to the bread we serve and we are

proud to work exclusively with a New Orleans-based bakery of German heritage!

Founded in 1896, the Leidenheimer Baking Company is still owned and operated by

the descendants of George H. Leidenheimer, who came to America from Deidesheim, Germany. When you eat one of our sandwiches, you know the bread was baked fresh and delivered that day from the oldest and most well known bakery in New Orleans!

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In addition to our delicious ‘bratz’ we are always coming up with other delicacies to offer - such as the popular ‘Drunk Pig’: Ultra-slow roasted pork, marinated in dark beer and served on a fresh bun with mustard, homemade sauerkraut, and caramelized onions! You can’t resist the Drunk Pig!!

Visit us at the next market or festival listed on our ‘Upcoming Events’ page to try out our latest delicious dish!

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