Festival Services

With over 150 festivals worth of experience and international flair

King Event, LLC offers something a little bit different ...

Let us help you put on the show!


Food booths are a fundamental part of any festival or large public event.

King Event offers festival goers something special, something different, something delicious!

As a food vendor, we consider the theme of each festival and create menus designed to

enhance the organization’s goal and help to complete the picture.

If you are in need of great food served in a festival setting

contact King Event for availability, booking, and pricing information.

And look for us at events in your area in during the coming festival season!


Something special for sponsors, entertainment artists, and staff!

In addition to an abundance of food options for the general crowd in attendance,

larger organizations often need a separate food service backstage for those who make

these great events happen. While the crowd enjoys the day, there are many people working hard behind the scenes and VIPs who’s contributions make it all possible.

During the event, these folks need to eat good food that will keep them energized.

If you are a festival organizer in need of backstage catering services

feel free to contact us for a consultation so we can create a service and rental package

customized specifically to your needs!


New Cultural Events for the Gulf Coast

King Event LLC is a festival production company as well as a service provider!

From New Orleans to Baton Rouge to Mississippi and beyond -

we are currently scouting locations, meeting potential vendors, artists, and entertainers,

and recruiting staff members for a variety of themed public events in development.

Our festivals will celebrate the culture and talents of each community

with an emphasis on excellence in decòr, design, and distinctive presentation.

Vendors and sponsors will benefit from exposure through public attendance,

media coverage, and extensive grass roots and social networking.

We believe festivals should be entertaining, educational,

and memorable events which showcase notable arts & crafts and great food & music,

while bringing communities together.

If you would like to see

an event like this

held in your community

or if you’d like to be part of

a festival production project

contact us to find out more!


Festival Services